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Final NBA stats updated. (4/16)

National Pro Fastpitch draft page added. HERE (4/3)

The college baseball and softball coaches pages were updated. Seven head coaches and seven assistants in baseball, five head coaches and three assistants in softball! HERE (1/23)

The 2015 HogNation Greats class: Shawn Andrews and Ken Hamlin! HERE (1/8/15)

The historic NFL stat pages were updated. HERE (12/29)

College basketball coaches updated. There are nine head coaches for men and thirteen head coaches for women. HERE (11/17)

Added the 2015 Razorback baseball schedule to the site. HERE (9/30)

The historic MLB stat pages were updated. HERE (9/29)

Matt Reynolds was named the 2014 Hognation.net Minor League Player of the Year! HERE (9/11)

NFL updates started. HERE (9/7)

James McCann major league pages added. HERE (9/2)

Andy Wilkins major league pages added. HERE (9/2)

College football coaches updated. 12 head coaches and 55 assistant coaches! HERE (8/28)

NFL coaches updated. 1 head coach and 17 assistant coaches this year! HERE (8/28)

Vote for the best Hog baseball player of all-time! HERE (7/3)

Trey Killian is the 1,800th person added to the Player Index! (6/30)

Team USA baseball page updated. HERE (6/30)

New baseball bio pages added: Brian Anderson, Jalen Beeks, Eric Fisher, Michael Gunn, Chris Oliver. (6/28)

MLB Draft pages updated. HERE (6/8)

The football pages were updated to include players taken in the NFL Draft. (5/11)

Mike Bolsinger major league pages added. HERE (4/15/14)


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