Championships – A list of pro championships won by former Hogs.

Coaches – Former Razorback players and coaches now coaching on the college or professional level.
Retired (or missing) – Former Hogs who are retired, no longer coaching college/pro or can’t be found.

Collectable Figures – A list of Starting LineUp and McFarlane figures of former Razorbacks.

College Coaching Records – The win-loss records of former Razorbacks who coached in college.
Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball

Donate – Help HogNation.net

Fan Votes
— Nicknames – Results of the first vote, which began in 2003.
— Nicknames 2 – The best nicknames of former Razorbacks. Vote for who you think has the best nickname!
— Top 10 Hog Pros of All Time – HogNation readers voted to determine the greatest Hog Pros ever!

Greats – Former Razorbacks that had great professional careers. Our Hall of Fame!

Greats: (non athletic achievements) – Former Razorbacks that achieved great things in non-sports areas. Non athletic achievements.

Hall of Fame Hogs – Former Razorbacks and what halls of fame they are in.
UA Hall of Honor – A list of members of the University sports Hall of Honor.

Head Coaches
High School Baseball – Former Hogs who coached high school baseball.
High School Basketball Boys – Former Hogs who coached boys high school basketball.
High School Basketball Girls – Former Hogs who coached girls high school basketball.
High School Football – Former Hogs who coached high school football.
High School Softball – Former Hogs who coached high school softball.
Minor League Baseball – Former Hogs who were head coaches in minor & indy league baseball.
MLB Head Coaches – Former Hogs that were head coaches in MLB.
NFL Head Coaches – Former Hogs that were head coaches in the NFL, including yearly and career records.
Summer Collegiate Baseball – Former Hogs who coached in summer collegiate leagues.
WNBA – Former Hogs who coached in the WNBA.

Help – Players and coaches with missing or incomplete information.

Magazine Covers – National magazines that have featured Hogs on the cover.

Message Board

Movies – A list of movies that have former Hogs in them or Arkansas Razorback related scenes.

News – News updates on former Hogs in other sports, coaching news and more.
— Archive: 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Player Index – A comprehensive listing of every name found on Hog Nation and where they can be found. Browse by last name or sport.
— Alphabetical List
— Sport by Sport List
—– Baseball
—– Football
—– All Other Sports
Not Player Index

Retired Numbers – Numbers retired by the Razorbacks.
Pro Numbers – Retired by professional teams.


Shining Moments – Former Razorbacks with achievements on the pro level but not enough to be a “Great.”

U of A Coaching Records – List of all head coaches for football, basketball, baseball and softball, and their record at Arkansas.

What could have been? – A list of players that were going to be Hogs, but didn’t make it to campus. Plus, what they did and how they could have helped.

Where are they now?

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