A list of movies that have former Hogs in them or Arkansas Razorback related scenes. May not be a complete list. If you know of any movies that we are missing please click here to let us know!

Name Role Movie Year Time
Craig Gentry Himself Knuckleball! 2012 1:21
Scott Pose Matt Crane #59 For Love of the Game 1999 1:52
—— Kit Pellow is represented in a KC Royals scene Moneyball 2011 1:45




Name Role Movie Year Time
Joe Johnson Himself Life As We Know It 2010 0:17
Himself Trainwreck 2015 1:53
Joe Kleine Himself Eddie 1996
Lee Mayberry Pro Basketball Player Air Bud: Golden Receiver 1998
Nolan Richardson Himself The Sixth Man 1997 1:06
Himself He Got Game 1998




Name Role Movie Year Time
Frank Broyles The Blue and the Gray 1982
Matt Burstein Football Player Radio 2003
Lou Holtz Himself The Blind Side 2009
Jimmy Johnson Himself The Waterboy 1998
Rossi Morreale Keg Guy Bring It On Again 2004
Houston Nutt Himself The Blind Side 2009
Ed Orgeron Himself The Blind Side 2009
Scott Smith Assistant Coach Smith Friday Night Lights 2004
Pat Summerall Himself The Replacements 2000
Himself Black Sunday 1977
Barry Switzer Prattville Coach Possums 1998
Bronco Coach Varsity Blues 1999
TV Commentator Any Given Sunday 1999
Himself (Game Film) Jerry Maguire 1996



University of Arkansas

Movie Scene Sport Year Time
The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II Scenes from an Arkansas / Tulsa game Football 1985
Back to School
Charging Razorback pennant can be seen during the bar fight scene 1986
The Abyss One of the crew members wears a hat 1989
Thelma & Louise 1989 Arkansas / Houston game played in LR on the television Football 1991
Man of the House Big Red, football game Football 2005 0:25
The Blind Side A ‘football coach’ is from Arkansas Football 2009
War Eagle, Arkansas Arkansas clothes and memorabilia Baseball 2009
My All-American 1969 Game of the Century Football 2015
Greater All Arkansas Football 2016


*Time is the approximate point in the movie that the first appearance takes place



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